Friday, October 29, 2010

Rusty Old Things

This Piece of machinery is an old crane that would have been used when Granville Island was an industrial area. I've taken a few pictures of it since the 70's. Never anything that I wanted to show anyone. This time I got close. I do that now and for me it seems to work. That and this thing for shallow depth of field I have lately. It's a phase and I know it but I'm gonna keep at it for a while. I really like old rusty metal things and metal stamping. I actually tried this in b&w but came back to colour because this has a warmth that the b&w just didn't give it in this case. Anyhow, here it is. 

The 50mm 1/4000th sec (max for my camera, it was a bright day and I was shooting at...) f1.7 iso 200 Oh no wonder the shutter speed was that high, should have gone to 100.

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