Monday, October 11, 2010

I Love, Unsharpened Pictures

The unsharp mask does just the opposite of what it's called. I may have mentioned it before. I still haven't quite figured out the explanation for it but it works and I use it on pretty much every photograph I take or scan. Here are 2 different versions of the same photo. The only difference is the first one has no unsharp applied the second has the unsharp applied on the bell with the script and the bell above with the drawing. 

Taken with the 50mm at 1/200th sec f2.8 iso 200

It can be overdone so every picture is done individually. For instance here with the soft background I want to maintain that softness so it isn't sharpened at all. The same would apply to a photograph of a person. I want to Unsharpen their eyes and hair but not so much their skin. Unsharp is the very last thing I do before printing or uploading.

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