Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This photo was taken under tungsten light. I did a fair amount of processing on it. I first created 2 layers. Then I sharpened the lower layer and gave it more colour saturation. I went to the top layer and masked out the the raspberries so the sharpened and saturated ones showed through. I merged the layers and resized the image for the internet. My hope was to make the raspberries stand out a bit and make them more appealing. I hope I succeeded there. 
I should clarify something I was talking about in the blog from yestereday. I talked about switching back and forth. I meant the white balance on the camera. You should always make sure you check the white balance before you start shooting. Using AWB (Automatic White Balance) isn't the best route but I'll talk a bit about that another time.  Easy way to figure out which WB to use is hold your hand out and take a picture of it. If your hand is blue or some other sickly colour change the balance.

 The 50mm again 1/50th sec at f3.2 iso 100

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