Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Glory Of The Light (Balance)

Well I finally went through all my photos from the Jesse Cook concert at the PNE. I have to tell you it sure was a chore figuring out white balance. They seemed to switch between daylight and tungsten... I am ever so thankful for RAW. Some I felt like I wasn't getting the colour right, then I thought, "Oh maybe he really was orange at that moment" . I plan to spread this over a couple days and here I will introduce the band members. 

This is Chris Church on violin

 I used the 100mm 1/30th sec f2.8 iso 400 (which is a little noisy on my camera)

Follow the Jump to see a few more. 

Here is Rosendo "Chendy" Leon Drummer

Again with the 100mm 1/30th sec f2.8 iso 400
Juan De Sedas accordian and Dennis Mohammed Bass guitar

With the 100mm 1/50th sec f2.8 iso 400
Nicolas Hernandez guitar

 100mm 1/40th sec at f2.8 iso 400

 and...... Jesse Cook

 Still the 100mm 1/60th sec f2.8

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