Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Little Downtown Eastside Story

When I am in the DTES I try to lend the people there a little respect. I think in many ways their privacy is more important than others. As a consequence there are some pretty dramatic photo's missed. Here I think I was able to take a photograph that says a lot about the life there. I never actually saw the lady in this picture and I don't believe she was aware I was there. This was a fine way to keep it. She was undisturbed and I came away with a photograph that to me was thought provoking.

 Used the 50mm 1/800th sec at f1.7 iso 100
Please take the jump 

In this picture I like the red runners and her shoes together. Beyond that though there was a lot more tension.  The girl came around the corner and you can see her working out in her head what I was doing. She was not happy to see me and the camera. I could appreciate that so we carried on. 
The camera settings would be about the same as the previous photo.

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