Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey! He Looked At Me!

Maybe it isn't anything to get all excited about but never happened to me a performer onstage watching me do my thing with the camera. Thing is, when that happened they seemed to linger a moment smiling. Almost as though they wanted to make sure I got a good shot. 

You know what? All the exposures are pretty much the same with minor changes in shutter speed. 
Mr Hernandez was the closest performer to me onstage so I caught him watching me point the camera at him a couple times. Once was during sound check but I was still figuring out some difficult lighting there so they didn't work. This time it did and once again he seemed to wait a moment while I clicked away. This was pretty cool for me. 

Most of the way across the stage Mr De Sedas must have noticed my camera and smiled for it. Very nice of him.

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