Monday, August 16, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane, If You Will

Our family has been in this spot on Okanagan Lake for 46 years. There are a lot of memories here for a lot of people. Not just family but friends as well. Some of them are gone, some have just recently arrived.  For all of them there are things here to remind them of what has been.

This the view from the deck. The view where people have sat for first coffee in the morning, had a barbecue dinner, celebrated someones birthday, grieved someones passing. The view has changed some, but if you had been here 46 years ago and came back today you would remember.

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That was the view looking out. Here is a photo of where you would be looking from.

This has changed so much over the years. For anyone was here when the family first came and started building they would see the lines of the buildings that were there since the beginning.
 Here are some photos from around the property.



  1. These are wonderful, Brook! It was so nice to see you at the Lake. You're blog is awesome! Love your Cousin Debra

  2. Thanks Debra. The family seems to appreciate them. I am glad for that.