Thursday, August 19, 2010

They Were Bigger Than Life

Outside the PNE grounds in Vancouver there is a statue which commemorates the "Miracle Mile" or "Race of the Century" at the1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games. It is a statue of Roger Bannister and John Landry running at the end of the race when Bannister passed Landry. I was surprised to find out that this was not where the 4 minute mile had been beaten. Bannister had done it first earlier in the year at Oxford in England. Landry did it a short time later.This particular race was a race between the 2 fastest milers. Landry was actually the record holder for the fastest mile at the time. So much for the history lesson. My aim here was to photograph this statue which is a well known piece and take something from it to make my own. Like I attempted with the horse statue in a previous post. So I hope you like it.

  I used the 50mm lens at 1/1600th sec f2.2 iso 100

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