Thursday, August 12, 2010

In The Dark and the Light

I Managed to take my camera to work and then managed to get out on my lunch hour and take some pictures. I was at an unused tunnel that the local skateboarders have over the years built their own little Place. They have jumps and obstacles all through it and tag the the walls to their hearts content. There is some pretty amazing art there and it is always changing. While I was there a couple fellows showed up and were making their own little video. They said they didn't me taking some photo's so I clicked away. I was looking for the silhouette look with the bright sunshine behind. This is one I came out with. 

 I used the 50mm 1/320th sec f8 iso 200. I think I am going to revisit this tomorrow. Do some things different. 
Also there is always the unexpected. Take the jump to see what I mean. 

I was going through the photo's to cull out and I came across this one. As he would go across the tunnel I would start continuous shooting. Usually There would one or two where he wasn't on the board. This one caught my eye.

The 50mm again, shot at 1/125th sec f8 iso 200.

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