Monday, June 7, 2010

Ready Set.....

Yesterday Blogspot went down overnight. As a consequence I didn't get to post a photo yesterday. It caused me no end of stress but alas, yesterday is, well, yesterdays news. So I will post 2 today.
 Here is yesterday's. 
We were driving home this last evening and I thought I wasn't going to get a photograph today yesterday. I had the camera with me (which I really have to do more often) because of another photograph I had in mind. Hummingbirds chose today yesterday not to show up. Probably because I brought my camera today yesterday.  On the spur of the moment I told the kids I was going to take some photo's of them so we pulled into the parking lot of a local park. They mumbled and grumbled a bit but came along and pretty soon they were having some fun with it. I say some because as kids are they got tired of it before I did. So here is was Jenn. Check out the paint job on her nails. 

For this I exposed manually and set the exposure for the background. I had the flash held by Nick off to my right triggered wireless and with the Lumiquest Softbox III on. The flash is metered TTL (Through The Lens) and controlled by the camera.
I took some pictures of Nick to and picked one out. I am going to save it for another blog another day today.

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