Monday, June 7, 2010


As promised here is today's post today. It's a direct sequel to Ready Set... Nick is the reluctant one of my two to have pictures taken. So it is a bit of a struggle to get him out there and then to keep him from being too goofy. We got a few and although a bit unusual I think this one worked out. I forgot to mentioned I was using my 17mm lens hence the wide angle effect on them 

If you know my son you will recognize the "Nick" look. He is holding back from doing something that will get my goat. For this one I shot manually and exposed the background 2 stops below the metered reading. As before the flash was triggered wireless controlled by the camera. Jenn held it off to my left. 
I should mention, Nick is also Peter His Mom and I call him Nick and almost everyone else in the world calls him Peter. It was his idea to go by his first name, we are just kind of slow to catch up.

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