Monday, May 17, 2010

Take Some Time and Smell the...... Little Yellow Flowers

For the past couple weeks I have had to stay close to home. I did worry a little bit that I may run out of ideas not being able to go wander about freely. So far I think I've done pretty well. Out of the 8 previous blogs only one I hadn't taken that day. I seem to be getting some incentive to actually do the photography I like to think about all the time. 
I recalled talking about using the old fence at the back of our house as a background. Then I thought maybe I could actually use the fence as a subject. I had planned to take some shots of parts of the gate which has some rusty hinges. I was weed whacking around the yard earlier in the day when I happened upon this little scene in a corner of the yard. I stopped weed whacking here and carried on elsewhere. Later I took the photo's of the hinges then came back here. I had to get down low with the tripod, luckily the one I have the legs fold out just for this type of shot. I am happy with this photograph and in honour of that I decided to let these little flowers live. For now. 
It is nice be go out walking and getting photos as you go. There is also something to be said about spending some time with the subject and working on the best way to capture the image. It gives a real sense of satisfaction. I have to do this more. 

Ps: These are buttercups.


  1. Buttercups? Hold them under your chin and if there's a golden glow you like butter!

    The cute things we do as kids....

  2. Hey Brook, this is a great forum and I look forward to gaining inspiration through your photos.
    This caption and note is appreciated, how often do we really stop to look at the beauty in our every day life ... love it! Thanks Brook!


  3. That is high praise Tanya. Thank you so much.