Monday, May 24, 2010

Hidden Gems

I didn’t get to take pictures today so here is one from the past.

Every so often I go through all my pictures on the computer. Sometimes I find photo's I had forgotten about. Take this one for example. I was just cruising the computer looking for pictures for the blog when I happened upon this one. I had always passed over it for some reason. I remember taking it and when I did I didn't think much about it. I generally don't have a lot of luck taking pictures of birds in flight. So it got put on the computer and forgotten. There it sat since Jan 2008.

On my computer I file my pictures by date and file number. I use the number the camera assigned to it for the original and any copies after. It helps when trying to track down a photo from a while back. I generally keep a picture if a) it's in focus b) it's not a duplicate. I figure they don't take up a heck of a lot of room on the computer and some day I might decide I like it. I am not sure why I passed over it when I took it but I am glad I kept it.


  1. Beautiful ...just full of life!

  2. I love how all 3 show the range of motion of flight.