Sunday, May 9, 2010

And There Was Light

Hello. So here is my blog. I am just starting so let's see how this goes. One of my favourite pastimes is photography. I think, read, and talk about it every day.I have noticed however I haven't been picking up the camera very much. Actually until yesterday I hadn't in a couple of weeks. I thought maybe I should do something that will get me motivated. I also enjoy reading photography blogs. My first idea was the "photo a day for a year". It's been done and I think for me to actually try and do that every day would be setting myself up for failure. I work 12 hour days on my job and those days are just too long to commit. I decided to do a "post a photo a day for a year". If I can't take one I'll post one I had taken in the past. This is a start. I took this yesterday to represent a small light to grow brighter as I get better at this. Don't barf, okay?
Thanks for visiting and hope you return soon.



  1. I am excited for this blog! I am excited because you are my friend, (an amazing one at that!) and I'm excited because I love photography! Thanks for starting this.

  2. Thank you so much Andrea. I am very touched.

  3. woooo hooooo ...way to go Brooker...