Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Setting Sun

Taking a photo of a sunset isn't just a question of pointing the camera and clicking the shutter. It takes careful planning. You set the camera up on the tripod and get it framed and zoomed just right. Yet set the shutter speed and aperture to what should be the perfect exposure. You check and recheck everything. You make sure you didn't miscalculate just where the sun will set in your frame. Then you wait for that perfect moment when the sun peeks out from under the clouds (unless there aren't any clouds of course). And wait. Wait a little more, then clickclickclickclickclick for the very best shot with the rays shining at their brightest, the clouds rimmed with golden light (unless there aren't any clouds of course), and the round ball of the sun touching the mountains (unless you're on the prairies of course) just right. Then you have your sunset shot.

Well actually it is usually just see a nice sunset and grab the shot. In this case I did all that planning and was happy with the result. 

 Taken with the 70-300G at 300mm f22 3 exposures put together in Nik HDR Efex Pro 2

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