Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Light

Summer officially ends around September 22 every year. I heard so many parents telling their children today is the last day of summer. Why is that? Here it's because tomorrow the kids go back to school after summer holidays. The parents go back to work because, their kids go back to school, and it is the last day of the PNE. Someday officially the last day of summer in Canada will be the first Monday in September and if it ends on a day like today, why not?

 I took this with the 24-70 at 24mm 1/25th sec f22 iso 50  Here

This was also with the 24-70 but at 35mm 1/250th sec f22 iso 100 and, here


  1. Oh and by the way? I love you all.

  2. And we love you too! Great photos!!! What a spectacular day to be a photographer :-)