Friday, July 26, 2013

Crazy Light

I have been trying to get into the habit of taking my camera where ever I go. I have also been trying to get out of my apartment more. Last week I got it in my head I should try climbing the Grouse Grind.  I got out my backpack with my camera in it and headed off to North Vancouver.  This trail is only 2.9 kilometers long but goes up 853 meters. As I rode the bus then seabus and looked up at Grouse Mountain I started to think I didn't have a clue what I was getting myself into. I was right. At the beginning of the trail there is a large sign says going downhill on the trail is not permitted. Being a follower of rules I knew the only way I could go was up. About 5 minutes later I started thinking going off to the side of the trail and laying there till someone eventually found me and carried me to the top was an option. That wasn't a real good sign about 1/25th of the way up. It did start to get better though or I should say I was getting more used to huffing and puffing. I can safely say that everyone that went up the trail that day passed me and I passed no one. I am probably one of the few people who has been lapped on that trail. I kid you not. A lady actually RAN past me twice. I found out people will lie to encourage you. "Almost there!", as I passed the 1/2 way sign. "The second part is easier!" It wasn't. My favourite "The second half is shorter that the first!" Someone actually said that. At least I think they did, maybe I was starting to become delusional.
After several hours I did make it to the top staggering past people bragging about doing it in 53 minutes surpassing their personal best of 53 1/2 minutes. I was too tired to even roll my eyes. 
But I can now say I did it. 
I know some people who have climbed mount Kilimanjaro. My hat goes off to them. I thought of them as I went up here and still can't imagine what they went through to accomplish that.
If I ever try this again I think I will leave the camera at home. Wait, did I just say "If I ever try this again"? Ha ha. Funny. 

 Taken with the 24-70 at 40mm 1/250th sec f4.5 iso 1600

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