Friday, August 10, 2012

Brother Snail

I spotted this little fellow in the backyard and immediately thought of my little kitchen studio. I have seen photographs of animals on plain white background and really enjoyed them. I have been wanting to try something like that and figured this was a great opportunity as a snail would be a lot easier to handle than a badger, or wolverine, or cow even. 

 I used the 50mm macro 1/30th sec f29 iso 100. Main light to the right using a Lumiquest Softbox LTp and fill light shot through an umbrella to the left. Basically I set him down and chased him around the paper with the camera. He may have been slow but as soon as he was there he wanted to go.

After we were done I took him out to the fence to let him go and I realized we actually weren't quite done. I grabbed the camera and got some photos as he made his escape.

 50mm macro again 1/80th sec f7.1 iso 800. Natural light in the shade.

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