Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Little Latte

Earlier this year our cat Angel died. After she was gone it dawned on me we didn't have any photos of her taken recently. Here I am running around taking photos of everything and anything and I didn't have a good photo of her. I resolved to not let that happen with our little cat Latte. So, today I set up my little kitchen studio and several pets and treats (I am surprised she didn't barf) later here is a result of our photo shoot. 

 This was shot with the 16-80 at 30mm  1/125th sec f10. I had a flash shot through an umbrella front left and one through an umbrella from the right lighting the backdrop. Both flash were old Vivitar 285's at max power and radio triggered.

Now that I think of it, trying to photograph Angel this way could have been somewhat hazardous.

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