Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mount Baker In The Evening

One day not too long ago (well a few months now) I was driving home from work and I noticed Mount Baker was being lit by the setting sun in an interesting manner. The top of the mountain was in shadow to about half way down and the lower half lit by the setting sun. I started heading to a spot I knew would be a good vantage point to get a shot. As I drove the light went up until the whole mountain was lit. I figured it would still be a worthwhile photo. As I got closer the sun got lower and the shadow started to creep up the mountain. I arrived and jumped out shooting. Thought there was something wrong and then realized I still had the camera set to take photos inside at work. Did some quick adjustments and here is a result.

Shot with the 16-80 at 800mm 1/250th sec f5.6 iso 100

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