Monday, June 6, 2011

Shoot Through

My day with Dar did have a bit of a nautical theme as we were in Steveston. We went by a yard with nets, floats and all kinds of fishing stuff. We didn't have enough time to see if we could go in and walk around this day so we decided to try some photo's through the chain link fence. As I walked to the fence I wasn't seeing anything but a bunch of floats and rope. I couldn't see a point of interest especially with the chain link fence it was leaning against. Until I got right up to it. I had the lens hood pressed against the fence and found this shot. I did take a couple more and perhaps I should have stayed a while going up and down the fence but I had this and I was happy. We had other places to go.

This was with the 50mm 1/1600th sec at f1.7 to keep that dof shallow. iso 100

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