Saturday, June 25, 2011

Eyes open

The past while I have hardly had the camera out. I was considering that when I spotted this moth on the window. I noticed how the light glowed through his/her wings and thought that would be great to capture. It took a few tries as although the background is totally blurred out it played a very important part in the image. When I started taking photo's I was standing in front of the window looking up at the moth. The background although blurred was white at the top and went grey at the bottom. Didn't look quite right. As I moved around (getting up on the kitchen counter) I noticed different colour and light quality in each photo. This one had an apple tree behind it about 40 ft out. The light still glowed nicely and had a nice green tint to it in my mind. I even had a look at it in black and white but the colour won me over.  
 I used the 100mm macro 1/80th sec f4 iso 100


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