Monday, May 2, 2011

Still At The Beach

Back home now. It was a great weekend. I still have some photo's for posts. They aren't  all at the beach but here is another one. Quite often you can find little things that puzzle you a bit and are worth pondering over. Here was one. In the sunlight it caught the eye. There was some debate about if it was just a big water droplet or some jelly thing. Checking with a stick we discovered it was a jelly thing. My big question was how do I photograph it. I had the 17mm on the camera pretty solid this weekend and it came in handy here. kneeling down I held the camera very close to the ground. I was guessing to the framing and after a couple of tries I got it right. So I got it close up and in it's environment. I thought that was pretty clever of me. 

The 17mm at 1/320th sec f13 iso 200

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