Friday, March 18, 2011

Lend Me Your Ear.

I'll give it back I promise. I like photographing events. I wonder if I have found my niche. Not necessarily weddings so much. Concerts, Stage shows, demonstrations, movie stills, and the like. The kind of thing where if there is direction it's "Take pictures". The kind of thing where you have plan a bit (like pick a spot) and get the shots as they happen. Nicola has let me take photos at a few of her Science demos. Here she is showing how she had done a demo using Slush Powder. I was happy with the number of photo's I got that were ones I would share. I think I am getting better a bit every time. 

 I used the 50mm (really Brook? No way!) 1/80th sec f1.7. I keep telling you how I love that RAW. I was struggling with the colour balance on these. Here is an occasion where auto worked best.

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