Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some Fancy Jewellery

Some time ago Cathe made jewellery and she was quite good at it. I would photograph it for her so she could recall past pieces. Of course I felt the need to take them for myself as well. This was a few years back and here is a lesson for us all. I can't find the photo's on my computer. Seems I wasn't careful enough backing up my photos then and some (quite a few I think) files have gone missing. So those precious photo's you have sitting on a disk, or your computer, B A C K  T H E M  U P! 
*see below for a footnote

Because this is a copy of a copy of a copy, and maybe another generation, the exposure info is gone. I generally used flash but this was taken using that North facing window light. 

* I was asked if I could make the font a little larger as it was a little hard to read. I think this works fine and I am going to use this size from now on.

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  1. fabulous shot, earrings,....and advice! I attempted to back up some things....and I was distracted....time to put it on my list for tomorrow! and the font is better!