Saturday, January 29, 2011

Colour To Black And White To Colour

The next few days are going to be tough for me. Today I set out to photograph some sea shells we have here. I wanted to emulate some black and white photos I have seen in the past of items set on a white or black background and lit with a shadowless even light. Well I made a little set up just using the North facing balcony light. It worked quite well and came very close to what I was looking for. The problem came when I started processing them. A couple I just had to leave in colour, a couple definitely were meant to be black and white, while others I just can't decide. I have a photo in colour and black and white for those and I probably won't be able to decide which to put up till the moment I do. Maybe both.

Definitely colour:

 I used the 100mm macro at 20 sec f25 iso 100

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