Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So, The Other Night There Was This Lunar Eclipse

Which I missed. Tonight however as we climbed into the van Jennifer looked up and said "Wow" to which I said "Huh?" There was the moon pretty much full with tattered clouds being blown past it. We raced home and I went out on the back porch with the beercan on the camera. I spent about a half an hour waiting for breaks in the clouds showing the moon. I had to figure out the exposure so missed a lot of great shots using aperture priority. Great clouds but the moon was all blown out. So I set the exposure manually to ensure there was detail in the moon. This is the one success. 

The lens was the 70-210 at 210mm 1/20th sec f4 iso 400. I shot handheld which isn't really the way to do it but the clouds were moving real fast. The camera has image stabilization which works great and was a real boon in this shot.

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