Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Photo Session

Yesterday Jenn and I went over to Dar's. We went there to drop of some flash/studio equipment for Dar. I wanted to show her how it works so we set up a makeshift little studio in her garage and took some (a lot) of shots of Jenn. She was quite patient with us especially since I got her out of bed way before noon. She was able to text with her boyfriend between shots so I guess that kept her happy. So, I am going to show photo's from this shoot for the next few days. I hope you like them and here is the first. This was a shot I got in my head (for no particular reason) and it was one of those times it came out pretty much as I had wanted.

 Guess what lens I used. Can't? The 50mm of course. 1/60th sec at f5. flash through the umbrella to camera left and slightly behind Jennifer pointing to her. another flash through the umbrella camera right and behind her pointing to the backdrop. There is a good reason why I use umbrella so much. It's what I have and it works. So there. More photo's to come.

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