Saturday, December 11, 2010

Once Upon A Time

It was a while back but I did have a studio in our basement. I actually had some paying jobs from it. In this studio you could have any look you wanted as long as that look included a mottled brown cloth backdrop. The studio isn't a studio anymore so if I do photos for friends I go to their place or we go outside. Here is one from my studio. I did photo's for my friends Pat and Darcie and their family. I was learning and I think I learned a lot this day.

 There is no exposure info. I can tell you I had a flash bounced off an umbrella to camera left and another one with an umbrella to camera right, high and behind them. Back then I did very little if any post processing to my photo's. I just post process as a part of my routine now. This is one of the few photo's I have taken that I just felt there was no need to change or improve anything.  

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