Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is That Thunder?

Dar and I went to visit the VPD stables yesterday and did some photography. We really enjoyed our visit and both took a lot of shots. Dar already posted a great one on her blog. I will posting one or two myself but it did put me in mind of a time past I went there with Nick to an open house. I was shooting film that day but fortunately the place I had them developed also did cd's. This is a photo of the members and horses in riot gear as they galloped by during a demonstration. Generally panning with a moving subject you can get a nice motion effect. Thing with horses and their riders they're not only moving forward, they're moving up and down. So here I was lucky to catch the foremost rider just at the right split second.  They really are awesome to watch.

Of course being film I didn't record the exposure. 

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