Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family Photo's

Today I went to some family friends to take photo's of them. It was fun and I hope they're happy with what I took for them. I wanted to take photo's that anyone would be proud to put on their wall and I also wanted to try some things a little different. Give them my own touch. My friends are a pretty casual group and were great to work with. As such I think I was able to give them something to enjoy and photo's I can be proud of. I asked and got permission to show some so I think I'll show a few off over the next few days. 

Here is Rick

 I used the 50mm for this shot and exposed at 1/60th sec f11 iso 200. I brought along a white reflecting panel and had Rick stand in front of it. I placed one flash low shooting through an umbrella and one high shooting through another umbrella. 
Thanks Rick and thanks to the whole gang for a great day. 

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