Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Frightening

You really can hear laughter and screams. You round a corner and there's the roller coaster all lit up and running, and people. It looks like they are having fun, a lot of fun. Your sense of relief is almost tangible. You walk up amongst the crowd smiling, shaking off the disturbing mood you had before. Everyone is laughing and having a great time but as you make your way towards the coaster you feel something odd. What's that smell? You notice an edge of fear behind peoples laughter as they get off the ride. They don't leave but they don't look like they want to be there. You shrug and make your way to the coaster, it feels like everyone is watching you from the corner of their eyes. Like they want to look but are afraid to.  It's ok you convince yourself, one ride....... 

Are you ready for this?

 The 50mm at 1/20th sec f1.7 iso is 400. This was a bit of a grab shot so needed some tlc. Cropped a fair amount to remove some distraction. He needed to be sharper but the background kept soft. So made a copy layer. I sharpened the background (bottom) layer then masked him out of the top layer so the sharpened image of him showed through. Merged the 2 layers et voila!

The top picture is of the Roller Coaster sign at the gate of the wooden roller coaster in Playland.

Just a little note here, I did this as a fun little prequel to a commercial Jenn and Nick (Peter) were extras in. I had hoped to put a link to the commercial but it isn't out yet. I will once it is online. 


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