Monday, October 4, 2010

The Different Ways Of Seeing

When a Professional photographer goes out she/he expects to take lots and lots of photo's. It used to make me shudder to think of the cost of the film they would use. I had to pay for my film and always felt the need to conserve. Now, there's digital and you can take hundreds of photos rather cheaply. I have a new little saying now I use for my photo adventures, "If you see something worth taking one picture of, it's worth taking 20". Watching people take a picture of something then walking on makes me wonder if they're still in film mode conserving it. Here is a piece of a floating dock I spent a little time with and two different photos I got from it by trying different things. 

 Shot with the 50mm 1/4000th sec f2.8

 Shot with the 17mm 1/100th sec f13 iso 100 on both photos

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