Saturday, October 9, 2010

Autumn Light

This is Whiteman's Creek. It's in the Okanagan near where the family has had a place for over 40 years. I have crossed the bridge thousands of times in all seasons. Explored up and down the creek, caught fish in it, swam in it. Once 2 friends and I decided to ride a 2 man dinghy down the creek to the mouth during Spring runoff. We got about 5 feet before flipping over. The other 2 got out of the water but I ended up making it to the mouth, not quite in the manner planned. After floating down the creek over a log jam somehow, bouncing off rocks I was dragged out soaking wet, ice cold, and unable to stand.
On another trip I was lucky to be there on a bright sunny day when the leaves had turned but were still on the trees providing a beautiful golden light. It's probably starting to look like this about now.

  Taken with the 24-85 at 85mm 1/80th sec f10 iso 200

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