Tuesday, September 28, 2010


While Dar and I were on our photography day we visited the old CN Rail station in Vancouver. While we were there I thought about our family and this building. My Grandfather and my Father both worked on the CN. My Brother and I both did for a time as well but we went on to different things. So when we were younger we often traveled by train and if coming this way would pass through this building. My Father actually had his office here for a time and I worked for a while across the street. Inside it now is a bus depot as well as a train station. There's a McDonalds where the restaurant used to be. It looks almost the same and does sound the same, the voices and steps and sounds echoing through that huge room. I have a photo that was taken over 50 years ago that I was curious to see if I could pick out the location.

Here is the previous one. My Mom and older brother on the left, 2 of my Aunts, then my Grandmother. Grandfather would have been taking the photo. This is the first photo I posted that I didn't take.

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