Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Different Kind Of Portrait

There  can be a lot of planning doing photography at a concert. Most of it is about three seconds in  the future. You can plan some things ahead of the concert, like what lens, where to stand, and setting the camera. After that you are shooting as you go. You see something and you have to decide how you're going to frame it, what settings and when to push the button. That is where continuous advance can be real handy. You will notice I used the 50mm lens all through the concert on previous posts. I had been using zoom lenses for a number of years and got quite used to the convenience. It can be real handy being able to frame a shot using that zoom feature. The usual line for using a fixed focal lens is "I'll use my feet to zoom".  I had placed myself at the front of the stage and had a lot of teens rockin' and rollin' behind me. I wasn't doing any zooming with my feet. These guys were doing their show, all over the stage, in and out of the lights. So I set the camera to continuous shooting and took photos on the fly. It was real interesting applying what I know and making decisions as they played. Interesting and fun. 
Here Graham was leaning over to some fans who were just beside me.

Used the 50 mm 1/100sec f1.7 iso 400

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